Email from John Perrott to Simon Ashmore, Head of Communications, Royal College of General Practitioners (09 June 2011)

To Simon Ashmore, Head of Communications, Linda Harris, Head Substance Misuse Unit

Dear Simon,

I emailed you on the 12th May expressing concerns that no progress had been made on the actions you and Linda promised at our meeting at the end of March to help the estimated 1.5 million prescribed benzodiazepine addicts and also that you were not responding to my emails. You did not reply.

I telephoned you on 23rd May to clarify why you were not communicating and you promised to update me not only on the actions you promised but also to clarify why Clare Gerada had made a statement following the recent publication of the NTA/NAC reports on addiction to prescribed medicine still asserting that it was substance misuse and that doctors were aware of the guidelines and failing to mention any intention to help those currently addicted.

I have since emailed both you and Linda and received no response and I can only assume that you have chosen or been instructed not to have any further communication with me.

I did hope to persuade fellow campaigners and victims of these medications prescribed by doctors ignoring the BNF guidelines that the RCGP genuinely wanted to help but I now realise that this is not the case. It is a great disappointment to me and all the patients who have suffered considerably by mis-prescribing by your members that the RCGP has decided to abandon them.

You can see by the circulation list of this email that the RCGP’s complicity in this matter has been brought to the attention of concerned and influential people.

Yours Sincerely

John Perrott

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