Email from Barry Haslam to Anne Milton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health (10 April 2012)

Dear Minister,

The forwarded e-mail and drug treatment stats, are provided by the NTA for 2010-2011.

With only 1,155 licit benzo addicts treated for 2010-11. The backlog of prescribed benzo addicts will never be treated or be given the opportunity to be drug free. Hence my comments, of going to their graves without NHS treatment for their iatrogenic addiction.

What are you going to do about it, as the Minister in charge of this national scandal and Government fiasco ?

We need action and not, more round table fine words/lenghty delays. UK citizens health and lives, are at stake here while the NHS policy or non-policy continues.

This cannot be right Minister, this is happening and has been allowed to happen, on your watch.


Barry Haslam.
Chair,Oldham Tranx.

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