Benzos are responsible for more pain, unhappiness and damage than anything else in our society.” – Phil Woolas MP, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, Oldham Chronicle, (February 12, 2004)

“The story of benzodiazepines is of awesome proportions and has been described as a national scandal. The impact is so large that it is too big for Governments, regulatory authorities and the pharmaceutical industry to address head on, so the scandal has been swept under the carpet. My reasons for bringing the debate to the Chamber are numerous and reflect the many strands that weave through the issue.”
Mr. Phil Woolas; Mr. John Hutton (7 Dec 1999)

This submission is by Dr R F Peart, National Co-ordinator of Victims of Tranquillisers (VOT) and concerns the nature, causes and consequences of 40 years of Benzodiazepine dependency, arguably the biggest medically induced health problem of the 20th Century.
Memorandum by Dr Reg Peart, (June 1999)