Aims and Objectives

  1. Gain recognition from the Department of Health that involuntary tranquilliser addiction is an iatrogenic condition and should not be treated as substance misuse. Involuntary tranquilliser addicts should be treated as a separate population from illicit users. They require different treatment with drug-free outcomes
  2. Lobby for the formulation of national clinical withdrawal guidelines based on the Ashton method to achieve drug-free outcomes
  3. Lobby for the provision of national specialist treatment for involuntary tranquilliser addicts
  4. Ensure proper adherence to and enforcement of existing prescribing guidelines by GPs
  5. Medical research to be commissioned into the long-term effects of tranquilliser use with investigation into long-term cognitive damage, physical and psychological damage, benzo babies, increased risk of dementia and correlation with early death
  6. Lobbying of the DWP regarding recognition of ITA for benefits purposes