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10 trusted global shopping sites to buy everything you need

Many shopping sites benefit the searcher for the desired product. Suppose you need a product or a commodity that you want to buy from the market (and let's say here a camera), it is natural that you search for the camera that you want through the Internet to know its specifications, features, available brands and prices, and during your search for that camera you happened to find it with the same specifications you want at a lower price than It is available in the market and shops near you.

Certainly in this case you will seek to get the camera at the lowest price and save yourself more cost. This is one of the most important reasons that push people to shop and buy from global shopping sites that provide online sales services and ship products and purchases to any place where the customer is, for simple costs, and in many cases they are less than those we would have paid if we bought from nearby markets and stores from U.S.

When talking about online shopping, there are many and many shopping sites, including global and local ones for certain countries and regions, in addition to electronic stores specialized in specific types of goods and others that specialize in certain brands. Here we will learn about 10 famous and trusted global shopping sites that we can rely on when we want to buy a product or a commodity electronically online.


Twenty Best Buy

Best Buy is an easy-to-use store that trades in electronic products in general, as it always provides the latest trends in the world of technology and electronic devices. So, if you want to buy a phone, laptop, bluetooth headphones… and are looking for a reliable online store, Best Buy is the perfect solution.

In addition to the aforementioned, the store provides repair and maintenance service for the products it sells, and it has a large number of trusted brands such as Dell, Samsung, LG, HP, Sony, and other brands at very reasonable prices.



Considered one of the best e-commerce sites in its field, it is the best haven for people who are looking to buy smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. related products.

The store also offers video programs, educational and audio programs, antivirus programs, programming and network development programs.

NewEgg currently has more than 3 million products and is very popular with tech addicts and telemarketers.



Many people may not have heard of Overstock, but it is nonetheless considered one of the top 10 e-commerce sites in the world. The site provides many products to its users, which vary between furniture, jewelry, kitchen...etc

The platform offers high quality products at great prices.

In addition to what was mentioned, there are other things that make this site distinct from other sites, the most important of which is that it sells cars, yes, as I heard, it sells cars, which is something that very few sites do online.

The site app allows you to shop online from your phone or tablet, but it is also usable and seamless from their website.


Target - Shopping Sites

Without a doubt, it is a great online shopping site, where you can buy almost anything, for men, women and children of different categories. With Target, you can benefit from: free shipping for many products, great offers and discounts, a very simple purchase process.

The store offers Same Day Delivery, which makes it a favorite of many online shoppers.

The average number of visitors to the Target website is approximately 120 million visitors per month, who shop for high-quality, fashionable goods and products at very competitive prices.


Walmart - Shopping Sites

Walmart is very popular in the United States of America, but its popularity has exceeded that, becoming one of the best business destinations for many online shoppers.

The store provides many options for its customers from home appliances, toys, electronics, sports equipment, groceries, etc.

In addition, the site offers discount coupons and important discounts on special occasions. It has a clear, simple interface, which makes the entire shopping process easy and fun.


Ali Express Aliexpress - Shopping Sites

You may have heard of this store before, as it has become in recent years one of the major companies in the world of online shopping and is no less important than Amazon, despite the vast difference between the two. Ali Express is a Chinese trading company that offers in its online store various forms of goods and products at cheap prices, which makes it the first destination for merchants to import from and then sell in local markets.

Of course, this does not mean that it is for merchants and importers only, but also that individuals from around the world can shop through it, so that their purchases reach the country in which they are located within a few days, not more. This is in addition to many other features of the site, such as secure payment in order to protect users from fraud, and the various payment methods it provides, including Western Union and credit cards.


Alibaba - shopping sites

This store belongs to the same company that owns the Ali Express store, and it provides almost the same services from displaying the available goods and products, with a focus on wholesale and large quantities. Shipping services as well as the available payment methods and protection methods for sales that take place in the same stores. This store also provides the same product in different brands, and therefore the prices and specifications of products from different brands can be compared to determine and purchase the right product.


Ebay - Shopping Sites

It is an auction site, but it is nevertheless counted among the global shopping sites because it is through which various forms of goods and products can be purchased, including used and old goods. The site does not itself sell products, but it acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller only, as the owner or owner of the product displays his products or what he wants to sell on the site for shoppers to buy from the site’s surfers.

Products on display can include jewellery, clothing, electronics, musical instruments and much more including artworks from various sculptures and drawings, as well as antiques and coins.



Flipkart is very popular in India and other Asian countries. It was initially launched as a bookstore, but after its popularity increased, it provided many other products. Also Read: Job Search and Top 10 Websites That Will Benefit You

Today you will find him trading in clothes, mobile phones, computers, accessories, televisions, and many more…

The store displays its products in a simplified and concise manner, with customer feedback and comments, which is very good in terms of getting a better analysis of the product from the advantages and disadvantages



Since Amazon's founding in 1996, Amazon.com has been known as the premiere shopping site for direct online purchases of just about anything, from books, toys, clothes, shoes, to food, furniture, and other household items, on a recurring fee, and its Premium Membership offers service Free two-day shipping on most purchases, plus a tracking service where the customer can know everything about their shipment route, the ability to purchase some releases of music, movies, and other media, plus other perks.

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